Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WHY???? (sorry, I just have to get this off my chest)

In seconds my day went from good to tragic. I was reading through the headlines, glanced at one that said "one dead 21 injured on VA Campus" and scrolled down. Not more than 30 seconds later, the local news on the television flashed on and that number of dead changed from 1 to 22. I refreshed the news site on the internet and so went the rest of the day.

I cannot imagine the pain these students and families are enduring at this time. The anger. The questions.

I have watched many hours of this incident on the television seeking answers like I would bet most of America has done.

The blame that is going on is only just beginning. And I too wondered why that entire campus wasn't put on lockdown until they had this gunman? But in listening to interviews with students, cops, the campus officials I cannot blame them. They shut down the first building. Yet with bomb threats on the school within the last two weeks, the incident on the first day of school? How could they not practice more caution.

They did what they thought was right, safe, and to the best of their judgement. To blame those in charge is like blaming Bush for Katrina. No one can read minds or predict, they can only do what they think is right. I feel for the campus authority in this as well because they are going to be scrutinized and raked through the coals like crazy.

Yet, had they done that, people would have complained too.

Then I sit here and think about the war, how just yesterday our local papers had an article about how 50 military men and women have been killed in this war--from the state of Minnesota. Soldiers barely out of high school...look at what happened in less then 3 hours on our own American soil.

Crime that goes on daily in this country, deaths of minor children, teenagers, young adults, adults. I cannot help that I thought about this war, it just happened that way. All the protesting that goes on and the hate that it's has caused but here in America, there is a daily war, a silent war, yet no one takes the time to look at that.

Perhaps that's why the number thing bothers me so damn much. 50 Minnesotans killed in 4 years vs. 32 college students killed in 3+ hours. Or perhaps its the fact that people have questioned mine and P's 'decision' to 'let our daughter' join the military, being told that she would be safer here at home in a college in our state.

I beg to differ.

No one knows where or when a loony is going to open fire or go balistic, this is just proof like Columbine or 9/11 or the Amish shooting, or the Red Lake shootings...this guy was sick. Very sick.

The many things that go through my mind when tragedy strikes are overwhelming. I must vent and get it off my chest otherwise my day will be filled with negative thoughts, frustration, anger, sadness.

Keep the parents, siblings, extended family, friends and all of those directly involved with this tragedy in your prayers!

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