Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wish this would happen more often!

Bravo to this school official for doing what should be done. Well endowed or not, teens need to be taught a little self respect for their bodies. There's simply too much skin in high schools these days and too many 'adults' who see nothing wrong with it.

And another lesson? Following the rules that the school has as far as proper attire. Prom or not, hundreds of dollars or not, both the kids and the parents should have read the student handbook a little more thoroughly before they purchased that skimpy dress that shows too much cleaveage. There's enough of that on the television, why wouldn't parents want to adhere to the policies, take the girl home and fix the dress so their daughter can attend what could be a very memorable night. If anything, these girls should be mad at their parents, not the school. The school has a handbook...read it.

These kids are teenagers, they need to learn to have dignity, respect for rules and authority, and they need to stop their whining about all the money they spent. And the parent's need to shut their yaps and do the same.

I guess rather than coming up with a way in which to fix the dress, it's just easier to whine and kick and scream in order to get your own way. Sorry parents and students in this predicament, this mom certainly isn't going to balk at some guidelines that were obviously ignored by you.


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