Monday, April 16, 2007



Well now, a zoo is supposed to be a place to bring the kids to veiw the animals. I guess in Belgium the guilt of housing these wild creatures in cages and keeping them from a free life and flaunting them as some sort of spectacle is starting to make the zoo keepers feel guilty?

Release the animals to their habitat for crying out loud and leave them alone. Although it's probably too late for that now, they are somewhat humanized and haven't really been treated like wild animals....more like pets.

The more I read about zoos the more I wish that they would just shut the doors on them. I enjoy being able to see cool animals that I could only see on safari in Africa but my heartstrings are taut when I leave those cages.

I guess living out where we live, I have grown to notice the wildlife and how free it is...untainted. Soaring eagles, deer and turkey roaming in our yard, raccoons raiding our dog food in the middle of the night, fox creeping around and coyotes baying at all hours of the night. Birds aplenty, I even enjoy the ugliness of the buzzards our here.

Don't stare at the apes, zoo tells visitors

How would humans like to be put in cages and set on display?
I guess the animal rights thing is bearing it's ugly head in my life or perhaps I just believe so strongly in freedom that even the animals deserve it.

Man, I sound like a damn liberal but sorry folks, no such luck. I just love animals....LOL

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