Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You go Boys!

Women want equality, here's a great start! They want to work outside of the home and make more money then men? Great but they best shut their yaps if a divorce is in their future!

Women Increasingly Paying Alimony

For years and years and years I have heard how men get raked through the coals for child support, alimony and whatever else a woman can come up with to empty their pockets. I have seen our male friends and family suffer because they are bled dry by the women and a system that only look to fill their own seedy desires to 'Take that asshole for every penny I can get my hands on...oh, and while we're at it lets make heineous accusations against him so he can't get anywhere near the kids! Then we'll get the child support, possible jail time, and oh, maybe even spousal support and we win! A victory! Yeeeeeeehawwwwww!'

Hence the stereotype that men are all a bunch of deadbeat dads, pigs, jerks, only out for sex, lazy, etc....

Hey women, if you choose and you loose, just remember it was your choice...gotta love freedom of choice. If these same women marry the wrong man...well, it's all the man's fault. He's why you left.....takes two is all I have to say!

Come on men, get past that male pride and soak the women for all that you can. Give them a dose of a reality that has been the stigma of the male gender since long before I was born! Women want to be treated like you boys? You definately have this woman's blessing--three-fold!

Disclaimer: this will exclude my husband if he ever dares to leave me because....well....just because! So there!!!

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