Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Now Pronounce Thee Coat and Hanger

I think back alley weddings are just around the corner! Heehee.

Minister protests same-sex union ban with a halt to all weddings

Really, here come the bully tactics....take away the right for straight couples to marry until the entire country bows down and goes against their beliefs, the feelings about marriage, and says ENOUGH! I really love how people try to cram their own beliefs down the worlds throats

Hmmm, any Elvis impersonators out there who might consider marrying off the bigoted heterosexual couples as opposed to gyrating their pelvic regions?

Good grief. The adults in this world act worse than a tantruming 2 3/4 -year old! If I can't have my way then I'm gonna pout and threaten to take away your rights too so THERE! :(

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