Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Would they be as macho on the battlefield?!!!!!

10 stitches, a broken foot, two black eyes and a broken nose....hmmm, just playground childs play.

This is how a decorated soldier is treated by his OWN countrymen who, I would bet, oppose the war! Send these guys to Afghanistan as punishment so they can experience what these soldiers do. I wonder then if they would be so tough!

Soldier calls nasty bar beating a 'sneak attack'

If in fact this story is the truth, if these guys were unprovoked and did say what they are quoted as saying to this guy, would someone please explain to me how their version of peace makes sense?

A paragraph from the article sums up very well how I've felt for a very long time:

"Collin was safer fighting the Taliban. At least he saw the enemy coming, or knew the enemy was there," said his mother. "They are just total cowards, nothing but snakes," said Gerald, Collin's father."

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