Thursday, March 01, 2007

The worth of a baby-$1500

Police say mother sold 5-month-old

If they want to participate in human trafficking go back to Mexico and do so! Sorry, that is a very bold statement but the life of a baby being bartered for a measley $1500. I don't think I would feel worth that much if someone bought and sold me for $1500. The least they could have done was offer $1555. Enough to get gas for this womans car then.

Which is worse, the mother who sold the baby and bought a car with that money or the people who bought the baby? I can't decide.

The mom is in this country illegally to boot. So as I said, go back to your own homeland and practice your inhumane, and illegal practices! Oh, perhaps that's why she wanted a car. Come to America for the health care and then flee the country when you get that nice new car for the life of your baby!

As the media panders to the emotions of the illegals, how hard their life is, I get more and more angry about this issue. I apologize for my cold and heartless post here but there are times when I need to be angry! This is one of them.

Come to America all you want but respect it's laws and what this country can offer you because of its laws.

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