Thursday, March 01, 2007

This woman has some big kajones!!

First and foremost, you really have got to LOVE this headline. Stripped my eyes this child was completely unclothed standing in all his glory for his classmates to see. God, I just love how the MSM words things so maliciously.

Second Grader Stripped Naked, Spanked in Front of Classmates

If the aunt had a good reason for this spanking, then all the power to her. And frankly, I do like how the school originally handled it. And the teacher obviously didn't see what this woman did as abusive but more of a form a discipline because she stood and watched.
"Certainly if there is a reason to contact social services regarding an adult's actions we would do that," said John White, Prince George's County School District."

"On Monday, it's principal sent a letter home to parents saying:
"Please know that the incident is a family matter and should not have occurred in a school setting. All interactions were between the child and a family member."

They respected the family in this matter, until a parent had to call in and cried foul. Shocker!

Maybe the pulling down of the pants in front of the class could have been a little too much but I can tell you this, that boy will NEVER forget that moment of his life. I just hope that he sways in the direction of appreciating it and not blaming it for some mental disorder because that's what society would teach him to do.

Didn't punishment of a swat on the fingers with a ruler or a whipping occur in schools way back when? And not by the parents but by the teacher? If kids were coming home with black eyes or multiple bruises all over them, I may have said...hey, if you can beat my child than I guess I can too. But for another to spank my child probably wouldn't sit well with me.

Kudos to this aunt for bravely doing something that in this day and age is so damn controversial, it has caused many parents to back off and fear a simple good old fashioned spanking.

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