Thursday, March 01, 2007

The speed of light

Oh, this poor mom. I cannot even imagine the fear that was racing through her!

Toddler Escapes From His Mom, Rides NYC Subway Alone

Toddlers are so full of piss and vinegar and things can happen so fast with them. When wiping a nose turns into a nightmare such as this it's time to get a stroller. Even though the inconvenience of toting one around is a pain in the derierre.

They are quicker than a cat attacking it's prey when their little eyes hone in on something. And when a mom is busy with another child, that split second taken for wiping a nose or just turning your back can lead to many mischevious adventures when it comes to the newfound legs and mobility in those very curious little ones.

I can't tell you how many times I have turned my back to walk into another room only to turn around and the kid has silently disappeared. Upon finding them they are splashing in the dog water or pulling out mound of paper from arts and crafts, dumping out my drawer full of crayons that they magically found and removed within 30 seconds.

Many moments of fear and dread have been my experience as a mom and as a daycare provider.

I'm glad there was a woman kind enough to return this little one and am relieved for this mom who was no doubt doing what moms do most....thinking the worst!

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