Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Update on our daughters global warming report

Well, an update on GD#3's grade on her Global Warming paper. Holy mackeral! Can you believe it? She got an A+! If you recall, I posted on this at the beginning of March. It was titled Bl*gger St*r. The reason for this title was of course because of Pat and his traffic meter hitting the roof and then some thanks to a heads up to Tim Blair and his readers.

Since Pat sent out this story to Blair, various commenters have been back wondering about this grade suspecting that with the trend in public schools these days our daughter was doomed to get an F and a slap on the wrist. She expressed her very differing opinions on global warming.

Lucky for this teacher that he actually did give her a better than expected grade or the Tim Blair Crew might have went hog wild sending him emails in defense of a bright young aspiring global warming dissenter.

Sadly though, GD #3 came home today and told us the theme for their book fair. On a big banner hanging in the library are the words: "What can you do to prevent Global Warming". My my, I see things changing in this school each and every year. Still one kid to go.....

When it comes to educating the kids, the journey is long and strenuous when you travel the opposite fork in the road.

Congrats to my daughter on this super grade and for having the guts to speak what she feels! Couldn't be more proud of ya kid.

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memomachine said...


Might I suggest for "What can you do to prevent Global Warming":

"Hunt, kill and eat lots of animals"

Because animals eat stuff that produces methane in their digestive systems and will eventually escape as farts. And methane is 27 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2.

Save the planet! Eat bunnies!

lol. :):)

BTW very nice to hear about the grade!