Wednesday, March 21, 2007

People need to realize what these fights are doing to this country

Ok, I've kept my peace under wraps long enough.

The whole smoking ban thing has been a pretty hot topic around our state for awhile now. And I do understand the concerns that many people have regarding second hand smoke. In fact, we are in the process of trying to quit, but I can tell you this, I will never be an advocate for any sort of smoking ban for as long as I live.

Not because I'm a smoker but because I'm an who lives in a free country. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom to live.

For the government to come into to a person's place of business, that that person pays for, where that person pays taxes, and dictate what that person can and cannot choose to do with that business is blatanly wrong and invasive.

I know how many feel about the effects of secondhand smoke but does that mean that it's ok for that activist group to demand that smokers cannot be allowed to smoke anywhere? It's already to the point of a very harsh warning if you simply drive, IN YOUR OWN CAR, on school grounds with a cigarette. Smoking outside is near criminal. Can't smoke in public parks, ball fields...not even on a windy day. Why? I'm not sure, just because people don't like it. I'd be more than willing to walk over to the parking lot to smoke but even there it's not allowed...even if there are no people around. I throw my butts in a trash can or an empty pop can in my vehicle...if littering is the problem, I don't see signs asking smokers not to litter, just not to smoke.

The rights of those of us who CHOOSE to smoke are most definately in debate. Why should the rights of those non-smokers be appeased but not the smokers? Are we not just as American as all of those non-smokers are? It's like those who anger me so much about the rights to abortion. Or the war. Or global warming.

Personally, when I quit smoking, if I don't want to be around smoke, I CAN CHOOSE TO NOT GO THERE! If a business chooses to ban smoking from THEIR establishment, that is THEIR right. It's not mine tell them that they can't do it nor is it the right of the non-smokers or the government. This is not about whining for MY rights to smoke but about protecting our American rights as human beings living in a free country. If one right is taken from private business', homes, automobiles, how soon before even more are brought to the table for discussion.

Banning people to not smoke in their own homes...umm, that is really crossing the line. And honestly in my opinion? It's bullshit!

What caused me to write about this? This article about gun ownership in a neighborhood in Nashville.
These residents are being TOLD that guns are not allowed in THEIR HOMES.

I am not really a big fan of guns. However, I don't begrudge others if they own them, want them, or need them to protect themselves. And no one really should.

Each person on this planet is an individual with different beliefs. If my neighbor wants a gun and they do so LEGALLY I have absolutely NO problem with that! Why in the hell would I, it's their life, it's their home, it's their preference and it's not for me to judge or to scream 'foul' whenever I don't like what a person does in their own damn home! (EXCEPT when it involves hurting children or insane things)

However, if the owners of these guns have children and the children end up with the gun, then I do cry 'foul' and the anger seeps out of me. I am not saying that I don't judge people in the privacy of their homes, I think everyone does to a point, but I am saying that lines are definately being crossed these days as to what people can and cannot do with the things they pay for with their own hard-earned money including the government taxes

Hate guns, smoking, trans fat or whatever all you want but look at what is happening around you before you start advocating gun bans and smoking bans upon homes, autos, business'. It's the future of our children that is being stolen...Look at the BIG picture of the future

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