Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bl*gger St*r

Yesterday, our 11-year old daughter came home from school with the assignment of Pat's dreams. To write a report on global warming. I was barely in the door from work when she nearly ran up to me wanting me to read it. That dread was slowly rising as I thought of what exactly this report would contain since Pat helped her. If you ever visit his blog, you know that he writes much about this topic.

Oh, she was so very excited. And you can all go read it at Pat's blog. Proud as we are of our little conservative heathens, my worries surfaced about the left leaning public school system which spurred Pat to ask her many questions rebutting her report so she was prepared to answer them. Geez, no problem, the kid is brainwashed.

So anyway, Pat sent the report off to Tim Blair, one of his favorite sites to visit. Tim is an Australian with a very good sense of humor and is completely into the whole global warming scare. And his commentors are quite funny too.

Well, the results of Pat sending that report to him have sent over 1550 visitors to Pat's blog just today and Pat has been here gloating and mocking my tiny amount of 30+ pretty much all day.

So, the kids and I began to mock him and repeat after him...'it's amazing, God, isn't it amazing, all these hits in one day' and it turned into quite a barrage of name calling and poking fun at him. All the while he is ignoring the fact that it's his daughter's writing and expertise on Global Warming that has brought his blog all the attention. **snicker**

Such as: "At least my readers are loyal readers and my number won't die down again in a week, or at least I don't have to seek out attention by sending my DAUGHTER'S report to another blogger just so I can say I got more hits, Super Blogger, pathetic, wait til a week from now when your numbers will be lower than mine."

There's an hours worth of picking that went on and it was all followed by many laughs.

Pat had to leave for a bit and go pick up our older daughter from work. While away, our 11-year old daughter decided she was going to write a little faux pas newspaper article about him. 15-year old daughter and I came up with a name to call him when he walked into the house and quickly did so AFTER the older daughter walked in and said, "Can you believe how many hits dad's blog has gotten today?" Roll of the eyes and out popped the nickname:


If you've seen the movie SuperStar, you will all know where this led. Striking the pose while saying "Blogger Star" in that whispery voice then quickly sticking his hands in his armpits and sniffing telling us he did this when he was nervous.

Gut wrenching laughter and much more teasing went on throughout the evening as our daughter brought to our attention her 'news story' and our son wrote up his own little book about his daddy...I wanted to share the front page of the newspaper with you so you get a feel for this post and the fun that was had.

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