Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time for them to get a new job

There are so many people I disagree with, so many beliefs that don't coincide with me. If I had to count the numerous times I have had to put aside my own feelings about another I would be a billionaire!

Muslims need to find other means in which to make money if they are going to remain stubborn and unwilling to respect the decision on this whole cab driving thing. Other religions are way under attack in this country, why then should the Muslim religion be respected?

Muslim cabbies refuse to bend in alcohol dispute

Some will argue that there are those, of the Christian faith, who refuse to administer the morning after pill...but wait a moment on that one...that is about the belief that there is a life inside of another, that there is a baby and by administering that it is in essence considered murder in the eyes of some. Driving a cab with a seeing-eye dog or sealed alcohol is not about taking the life of that Muslim cab driver. It's about getting from point A to point B.

I see it more as a power struggle for the getting prayer rooms in airports and colleges and arenas. POWER is what it's all about.
“I am Muslim. I’m not going to carry alcohol,” Abdi Mohamed, a driver for Bloomington Cab, told a Metropolitan Airports Commission panel that gathered to hear public opinion on the proposals.
Well, I am American Indian....I WANT MY LAND BACK!
Hassan Mohamud, a Muslim imam and adjunct law professor at William Mitchell College of Law, said the Muslim cab drivers are only trying to support their families, both here and in their strife-torn home country, and are being placed in an impossible situation.
And there it is folks, the pity line. Those poor Muslims are only trying to support their families. What about those who need to catch a cab to get to the airport in order to reach a conference for work. I would bet they have families too, some may even be over in Iraq fighting. Hmm, isn't it great how we must pander to those of different nationality?

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I was at that meeting, and wrote about it here