Sunday, March 11, 2007

Those who disagree might as well dig their graves

It's really very interesting how people who disagree with certain things are suddenly threatened, called names or banned from various things.

Such as the scientists' who 'questioned mankind's impact on climate change'. Lives being threatened, funding being stopped for research, being called "industry stooges".

Now, I have been very clear that I don't often post on global warming but I did find this article to be of some interest.

Scientists threatened for 'climate denial'

Why exactly is it that if one person disagrees with another and their opinion that they are suddenly threatened or called names? I just read an article about bullying in the workplace--since there's guidelines that must be followed in school for bullying they figure that bullying in the workplace should also have some guidelines.

It's pretty damn pathetic that adults...or people who are above school age actually NEED guidelines on how to treat another human being as well as respect that we ALL have different opinions on everything in life! Apparently once a bully, always a bully.

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