Saturday, March 17, 2007

Suck it up like most of us Americans do!

Hassan Mohamud, a Muslim imam and adjunct law professor at William Mitchell College of Law, said the Muslim cab drivers are only trying to support their families, both here and in their strife-torn home country, and are being placed in an impossible situation.
I pulled this quote from a previous post I put up about the cabbies and their issues.

I just recently did that post on the Target fiasco and now it appears that Target has stepped up and surprisingly, not appeased the wishes of the Muslim cashiers. BRAVO!!!!

It would be nice if in fact this is as far as this story about Target goes but for some reason, I fear it's not the end. And why only in this state? Any other state having these problems? If these workers are here to earn a living and to support their families, then it will end. Until then I will only sit and await the next chapter in this saga.

What do you wanna bet though that Target is next in line for a lawsuit from CAIR...oh, and then all those other stores that already have the consideration to ask of it's new hiree's if in fact they will or won't scan pork products. Any takers????

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