Sunday, February 25, 2007

One with the animals...pff

A human invades the space of a jaguar, knowing full well that it's a wild anim...oh, wait, perhaps she thought she was one with the animal. Whatever was in this woman's head at the time, she caused not only her own death but that of an animal in captivity.

Zookeeper dies from jaguar mauling at zoo

I really hate hearing about things like this. Humans need to realize that animals are wild creatures--especially those of the feline breed. There is no taming of a lion or tiger or a jaguar or any animal that's natural habitat is that of the wild or it's instincts for survival are to attack!!! It angers me that when a human is attacked by an animal that is in captivity, that animal ultimately ends up dead!

I even have a respectful fear of my own dogs and cats. That they could turn on a whim and bite. My cats already attack with a vengence if they get tired of me petting them! It doesn't take a damn college degree to get a handle on common sense for pete's sake.

It's really nauseating to read about these animal lovers who think that they have conquered and befriended the lions, tigers and bears. It is with their death that a harsh dose of reality has been given but not a one ever seems to pay attention. They are better than that Grizzly man who was mauled by his 'family' of the grizzly bears or the numerous other crazies out there who think.. or better put don't think!

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