Monday, February 26, 2007

MHO on eating out

I chuckled a bit when I read this. Whenever Pat and I go out we talk about the portion sizes that restaraunts serve. HUGE!!! Enough to fill me up for 2-3 days. And the fact that it's really no wonder why the people in this country are more and more overweight.

I've been on a strict diet before and let me tell you, I felt like I was going to keel over from starvation. I lost 30 pounds in about 2 months but it was due to what I wasn't allowed to eat anymore...high cholesterol diets work great. But my cholesterol is great now, I think they must have mixed up my blood with someone

But having that scare, and it was dangerously high, to the point where I had to stop my bad eating habits or go on medication, dealing with that taught me a lot about reading labels, counting sugars and fats that go into my mouth. Fat free means loaded with sugar!!! And that isn't healthy. Transfats, cooking differently, eating smaller portions, snacking instead of bigger meals. Worked like a charm for the old weight loss. But there was one thing I truly missed. Going out to dinner.

I love going out to eat because I can eat what I want to my hearts content. I have a pretty broad spectrum when it comes to different foods. In this house, what I like isn't always the most popular. In fact, I usually end up eating my concoctions all by myself. LOL

So many people eat on the run these days. Me? I make my own lunch for work and we maybe eat out 1 or 2 times a month if even that. We know how unhealthy the food is in restaraunts as well as how they really serve enough for 3 people on one plate.

This article talks about how nutritional information should be made available to people? I couldn't agree more. There are times when I want to order something lighter but there are so many added extras that add up to more. It would really be nice to have it available if I wanted to pay more attention to what I was putting in my gut.

I don't agree with suing McDonalds or other food chains for obesity, it's up to us to be responsible about what we put into our bodies. I have used the nutritional chart at McDonalds, at Subway, at Burger King, and a couple other places, and it was nice to have it there.

Amazing when I actually looked at the regular things I would order and see the numbers!! Holy cow! No pun intended. But there is enough fat in one of my usuals to cover 3 days of what I should actually be eating.

Health nut? No way but I do like to pay attention to what I'm eating. And I am just as guilty of ordering that creamy bruschetta and the huge serving of chicken fajitas and pigging out until I'm so miserable that I want to vomit. But who isn't.

Group says U.S. restaurants promote "extreme eating"

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