Sunday, February 25, 2007


I guess that because our country is trying to protect itself and to make sure that all who enter do so legally it's ok that Mexico is crying a river over 10 yards.

Mexican anger over US 'trespass'

How many years has America accomodated, housed the likes of the Mexican people? And how long has America turned the other cheek so these people could 'help our economy' and steal citizen's identies and used our health care facilities?

No matter, a fence is going up so that means there is no longer any gratitude from Mexico. I learned that hard lesson, do something nice for someone too much and in the end, it's all swept under the rug and suddenly you are the enemy.

Funny, their citizens come here and work and contribute to America, our own citizens turn the other cheek and protest when the feds conduct a sweep but when our workers dare to walk 10 yards on Mexican soil to protect what these people fight to have all hell breaks loose!

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