Monday, February 26, 2007

Raging roads

UPDATE: While trying to fix the link that I had previously, I found a photo of the woman and laughed out loud. The expression on her face is priceless. BTW, I apologize for the link I provided. I can't seem to find that specific story that I had linked but found others by doing a search so I linked a different one.

If there is one thing that irritates me more than anything when I'm driving, it's people who tailgate. Especially when the traffic in front of me isn't moving any faster than I am. 2-3 car lengths separates me from the car in front of me, especially in heavy traffic.

I mean really, what is the purpose of tailgating? I go 5-7 miles over the speed limit or the speed of traffic. I'm no Indy driver and don't really care to be. If a person wants to pass me, be my guest, I will slow down and make it easier for them!

The other night, in the very nasty winter weather, I went to pick up our daughter at work. And the roads were bad. On the way there, there was a cop in an SUV tailing me. I couldn't blame him or her, I was going about 35 in a 40 on roads that were a little iffy with snow pouring from the sky. So this cop got in the other lane and wound up passing me. That lane wasn't plowed and was thick with snow, I slowed a little more so they could get by me in case they slid.

On the way home, I had another car tailgating me. Now, the roads were pretty bad on Saturday, we'd been getting dumped on all night Friday and all day Saturday. It's a 4 lane highway and only two lanes were plowed. The fast lane.

Anyway, the car tailgating me decided that me going 40 in a 40 mph zone, wasn't fast enough and they got into the other lane, that wasn't plowed. Next thing I know, I look in the rearview mirror and the car is spinning out behind me. Ended up facing the opposite direction. Looked kind of fun since there were no other cars coming. But....I saw the side of that SUV and it was the cop....I guess there is justice for some tailgaters. LOL

What's worse is the fast lane and the slow lane. If I chose not to do 90 down the freeway, I stay in the slow lane and go 70-75. But there are those who will get so close to my bumper that I cannot even see their headlights. Will they get in the fast lane? No usually they have to wait until the traffic in that lanes flys by but until that time, the car behind me seems to be trying to get as far up my exhaust as it can without actually ramming my bumper.

Worse case scenerio...I'm famous for that...what if suddenly a deer pops out of the ditch, or the cars in front of me suddenly have to slow way down and I need to slam on the brakes. What is the end result? Well, a near miss and a near heart attack or an accident.

Happened to us on our way to the motocross races...traffic was horrendous, bumper to bumper, it came to a dead stop on an off ramp. The line of cars reached into the highway, 65-70 mph, we slammed on our brakes and the truck behind us slammed on his, missed us by a couple feet but the cars behind him weren't so lucky...all we could hear was crack, crunch while I looked behind us with my heart beating out of my chest.

Impatience on the road is a real problem. I laugh at people who are such, they pass me yet we end up at the same stop light. Their progress wasn't much better than mine, I probably just saved a little more gas is all.

This woman unfortunately got too fed up with it and took the law into her own hands. Now it will be her that has to pay the price. But, I don't think pulling a gun is the answer, maybe pull out the cell phone and give the cops a call before you decide to blow out someone's tire....

Woman allegedly pulls out a handgun and shoots at the tires of a tailgator

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