Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather this week has been just beautiful. I drove to a dr. appointment yesterday in the early afternoon and guess what. I had my window cranked down and it felt so good!!! The temp gauge in the vehicle said it was 52 degrees. **note a previous post I did about Minnesotans** LOL

But a dark cloud has been looming in my mind. There's been some articles about the dangers of a drought this summer. A lot of fires, lakes at low levels and this is bothersome to me. For as much as I have adored this winter, aside from the subzero temps a couple weeks ago, we really need some snow! We need the moisture and bad!

I remember the river quite a few years ago, it was roughly 7 feet or higher than usual and it was rushing! Wow. That was the same year I believe Grand Forks was flooded by the Red River. I also ventured to Stillwater and the river was up past the walking paths into the picnic areas and it was touching the bottom of the lift bridge. It was insane.

From the heat last summer and the low lake levels, our week and a half long vacation was really lacking. The fish weren't biting, boats were having many problems launching into the lakes and this was much further up north where the weather is usually cooler. We had 99 degree days at the cabin we stayed at. Just too warm to do much of anything else but sweat while we read books.

So, call me crazy but my belly is full of butterflies right now. People have been talking all day today and yesterday about an anticipated blizzard this weekend!!! Yippee!!! Some say a foot others say maybe 2 feet but that the weather will be horrible. I cannot wait!

Twin Cities / WARM, THEN WHAM! Winter storm on the way

But then again, the weather predictions have been lacking so getting my hopes up is probably dumb but at least I can do that much.....hope.

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