Friday, February 23, 2007

Doomsday revisited

I remember when I was pretty young laying on the floor in the living room with my brother watching tv. He looked at me and said, "Did you know that tonight the world's going to end?" Being somewhere around 6-9 at the time, I got scared. I asked him what he meant and he said that it's D-Day. Of course I asked him what D-Day was and he said "doomsday". I have never forgotten the next day where I threw it in his face that the world didn't end. But the most perplexing thing was how very serious he was about that, how much he believed that.

Ironically, I was on the phone today with my mom and she brought this up. This very moment in life. I was thinking about it earlier today because this article brought it to mind. But she said that he was so convinced that the world was going to end that night that he stayed home from going to a movie or something because he just wanted to go to bed. He was that convinced.

Hmmmm. Who would've convinced him of that? The media? The schools? Television? Either way, this article has some similarities that strike a deja vu with me.

Global warming concerns are keeping children awake at night

Why do you think kids are worried? Could it be that the hype surrounding such issues is scaring the crap out of the kids?

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