Thursday, February 22, 2007

People should really look in the mirror

Iowans on 'Wife Swap' trigger viewers' fears

Oh yeah, I watched wife swap this week. And it was, at times, really tough to watch because of the food served. But overall, I never once felt compelled to call social services to report neglect or abuse!

This Iowa family has some very 'interesting' views on the foods that they eat. And to a point, I can really make some sense out of the fact that they believe that the chemicals used to clean a house are dangerous. In fact, I can really agree with that. Brushing my teeth with a mixture of butter and some other ingredient though was just a bit much.

Now, they eat raw meat, raw eggs and other very strange yet pure foods. Ewwwww, it at times made my gag reflex kick in at the mere thought of it. However, I grow a garden of fresh veggies because the idea of FRESH veggies less all the chemicals appeals to me.

And what about all the processed foods in this country?

Their lifestyle certainly isn't one that would be easy to get me to hop on board with but that doesn't mean that I should step in and try to dictate what is good for them. What's good for me is not what might be good for others nor something that others agree with.

Sad that people reported this family to the social services but in the end, the family was vindicated. Worse yet is to judge them because their house isn't spotless. I guess a house that's spotless and appears unlived in doesn't strike me as much of a home but more of a museum.

Cleanliness is not always next to Godliness when it comes to family and spotless homes. If the way your home looks, in my own humble opinion, is more important than the feeling of coming home to comfort and love, then perhaps a little less attention should be paid to that dust on the shelf and more attention given to what matters...the humans living in that home!

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