Friday, January 25, 2013

Amidst the chaos

Ok...this is bad. I haven't been here is far too long!! Why? Um, no excuses..well maybe. Laziness perhaps is the number one reason from October thru November but after that I actually have legitimate excuses. I got a full time job...well...technically it's 36 hours but with school and that I am a bit overwhelmed so sue me!

As my last post stated P and I celebrated our 24th year of marriage...that is most definitely a hard thing to fathom when you really think about it. I remember my mom and dad's 25th celebration..a big to-do. Thee silver wedding anniversary. Now we are just months away from that and it seems like just yesterday we said our vows. Damn time flies.

So...what's been happening in my world? Chaos to sum it, school, everyday obligations, weekend obligations........just writing that I'm exhausted! I just finished up two Java programming classes which unfortunately threw a huge wrench in my GPA...were those classes frustrating and difficult. There's something to be said for having hands on experience when it comes to programming. Needless to say I have experienced two grades below 'A's thanks to those classes and I am not proud of it! UGH!

My job? Hmmmm, it's bitter sweet. I love it and I hate it. I'm a media clerk/tech integration specialist. I love the tech aspect but when everyone's computers are running great things can get pretty boring and make for a very long day. Ultimately though, I am so grateful to have a job. I searched and searched over the last three years and finally landed something that allows me to work with technology.

Our kids are all doing really well. Trudging along and making the best of this life. Our youngest (boy) turns 14 in February...our 17 year old is gearing up for College, our 21 year old it absolutely thriving in this life as a photographer, student, and fraud investigator at a bank and our 23 year old is a working mom living with us trying very hard to make a life for her and her's life right? P and I are busy, stressed, and overwhelmed many days but at the end of each we come out with a deep breath and smiling. This is our life.

Anyway, that is just a quick update. There's no telling when I will post again but thought I would take a moment of my spare time to say 'Hey, I'm still around.' Sorry for the lapse but trying to navigate what is our very very very crazy chaotic life! Hope this post finds all five of my followers doing well and hope to be back as soon as I can..

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