Tuesday, October 02, 2012

24 years of wedded adventures

Yesterday marked 24 years of marriage for P and myself. We did nothing spectacular but had a super fabulous day. We were up at the crack of dawn to embark on a long drive to Chaska for a round of golf. On the way we got to see the fall colors in the morning sun...it was a quiet drive, both of us half asleep most of the way there. The course was absolutely stunning with all the beautiful fall colors. It was most certainly a really great day for a game of golf.

About 9 hours later we were on our way home and got to see the colors in a different shade of light. Vibrant reds and yellows all around and discussing how the weathermen were wrong about the drab colors we would experience this fall. We got each other an anniversary gift of pringles and munched on them as we discussed the day.

So we got home, our kids upset that we were going to be home 'already' and were told to go to our room or for a walk. Both of us were absolutely exhausted from the nearly four mile walk on the course so the mere mention of a walk sent us into aggravated laughter. Yeah right. So we opted to pick a movie and wait to see what they were up to.

About an hour later a knock came on the door that we could come out...we walked out to an empty house, two heaping plates of homemade chicken Alfredo, cheesy garlic bread, wine, and two taper candles on top of a clothed table. A card accompanied this dinner for two as well as absolute silence.

How very strange to have a romantic dinner in a house usually filled with chaos of kids and animals. P and I sat across from each other smiling and I almost think a bit unsure of how to handle such a romantic encounter. That only lasted about two minutes before we started talking and enjoying the very few moments of peace and quiet and it was so very wonderful.

It was a great way to end our very long day. The weather was gorgeous and the day was perfect. As I said to others, 'you couldn't have BOUGHT me a better anniversary!'

As for all the mush about my hubby...yeah, that's just a given. Good days, bad days, laughter, tears, happiness, sadness, anger, bliss....all of it is worth each and every moment of the last 24 years. I wouldn't trade a moment, an experience, or a lifetime of all the growing we have done and will continue to do together. I couldn't feel more lucky to have met this quirky guy who would jump off a bridge for me even if at times he's a bit stubborn. I have that streak too!

Anyway...Happy Anniversary P! I couldn't have ever asked for a more perfect person to spend all these years of my life with. I look so forward to many, many, more years with you!!!!!

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