Monday, March 26, 2012

Someone just say something already!

I've been reading many articles about this Trayvon Martin shooting. At first when I read about it last week I questioned whether or not Zimmerman shot this kid in self defense but have since begun to rethink that.

Last week, there was no mention of a good reason why this boy was shot other than he was a suspicious looking character in the neighborhood. Zimmerman, the 'killer', was being painted as someone who had some personal vendetta against black people and damn if it didn't almost drag me in.

Our own president, who I am not a big fan of, even chimed in so good grief, there has to be some injustice going on--especially for the leader of our country to speak out on the murder of a single man considering all the other murders that take place on any given day. This one just has to be special. Although, I am not really that naive..perhaps it is just that part of me that tries very hard remember there are two sides to every story.

What I have learned from all my reading is that there most certainly is an injustice going on. I have sat for hours reading more and more about this. My own personal belief now is that this whole media blow up of racism, the president's reaction, Spike Lee posting the 'murderers' address on Twitter not once but twice--except they weren't really the murders address but that of an elderly couple who are now terrified, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the 'p****-ass Cracker' t-shirt wearing children, hoodies on the senate floor, the mother trademarking her deceased child's name, protests and storming of a Walgreens...ALL of them are making a huge mistake and one that is maddening.

I won't elaborate much more other than to say that I am appalled at the President of the United States--why? He should be standing up and pulling on the reins of this runaway train as more and more information begins to surface. All that outrage I read about last week seemed very real, very reasonable...after the things I've read up to own outrage is for a man who should really be setting an example of a proud man, a proud race, a proud country. Instead the hateful words are still being doled out everywhere...

There is so much I could say about both sides of this but I cannot. But I will say this...once someone who finds this post offensive you can be damn sure that because I am angry with the President for his lack of upstanding behavior I will be labeled a racist; and the mere fact that I am even posting on it I will be accused of making this political as is already starting to occur. It's funny too because it seems to me that the shooter is a registered democrat, the majority of those protesting or wearing hoodies on the senate floor are more than likely liberal and democrat and here I sit in my home, reading all about these follies, shaking my head, becoming very concerned about what will be the result of this mess and it will be me that is a hater, a cracker, a racist, a that NOT how things have been going since I have become a blogger??? Yeah, pretty much..but oh well.

I am very sorry for the death of Trayvon to his parents, to all his friends and family. I am sorry that Zimmerman will have to live with this for the rest of his life and god help him live a good long life. I say that because the way things have been going there really is no telling how safe that man and his family will ever be again. What I am most sorry about is how this one death has been made so very important above so many others in this life I have lived and for what may be reasons that equate to nothing more than self defense. How will people accept that as a reason with so many strong leaders screaming 'cold blooded murder' or worse, remaining silent as the havoc unfolds.....

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