Tuesday, February 01, 2011

R & R and losta laughs!

It was supposed to be a great weekend away...a time to forget the broken coffee pot, the broken dog leash, all the meetings, running over a palette on the way to work, and computer programs that weren't working at work. Oh it was just one of those weeks last week and we could not wait to get away for a night and let loose.

And let me tell ya--it was one hell of a great get away! Lots of laughs, great food and great company. We went to the Mall of America, ate at Bubba Gumps and deeeyam was that some good food, and went to the comedy show. Then we came back and sat in the hot tub and THEN we played cribbage. I have to say me and my partner kicked some major butt! Sorry M and P but we're just good like that! I can gloat now!

It's always hard when weekends like that have to end. My mood gets sullen and I just dread coming home..not to the kids but to a house I sit in ALL the time. Hey, that's what I'm doing now! And I knew I had to get home to write my 1000 word report which only made me more pouty! I hate that all good things must end! It's no fair.

Yeah, so we got home, unpacked and it was time to do my report so I could get it done within a few hours and enjoy the rest of my Sunday and maybe get a nap in since we got to bed a little late on Saturday! Well....ummm....yeah, I opened my computer and it wouldn't connect to the internet. So, like I do every time that happens I rebooted. Only it didn't do what it normally does every time. I got a blue screen with all sorts of writing and information about how it was protecting the information on my computer and wouldn't open. There was some defective software or hardware...etc...shit! I'd seen that screen before on our daughters and she ended up having to get a different computer.

This was at about 1:45. I tried to open in all three different safe modes, removed all the devices like the mouse and cd's and the internet server card and nothing. Time to call our computer guru.....he didn't sound optimistic but he did try....he needed to see the computer--I struggled with that because it was his day off but there wasn't any other day really that seemed workable. If I could get it fixed then at least I wouldn't have to take the main computer from the family and hog that for the mountains of school work I have....

So, I asked P if he wanted to go to B's place with me but he wasn't feeling the best and half asleep so I decided I would just go....by 3:10 I was in the car on my way back to the cities.

B tried everything he could but nothing. He is so patient and kind to our family and our computer needs! I couldn't ask for a better computer guru who's there whenever we need him! Thanks so very much B! It means more to us than you know! Now, after all his efforts and hearing him say each time---oh this isn't looking good, he determined the hard drive is fried.

All my research and links to all my homework for the last 7 weeks is gone. The shock didn't set in until I got home around 7:30--I called my instructor to ask for an extension on my report which he kindly gave me with no questions...tried to sit down at the big computer to do start my report but my body just went limp and the wind seemed like it was knocked out of me at the enormity of the problem I had. All my work is gone...I went into the bedroom, put on my pajamas, turned on the tube and curled up into a ball on the bed and cried myself to sleep.

So...after one hell of a much needed and great weekend it ended on a very bad note for me. I'm better today. I keep bringing to mind the laughter between F and M over those dumb chairs....good grief and it makes me smile. So even after the 'punch to the gut' reality the weekend still manages to remind me that there is reason to be happy!

I have a lot of work to do in a very uncomfortable chair but hey...I guess I could look at it this way. I'll just learn even more!

Now it's time to stop blogging and time to get working! Thanks to you M and F for a really great weekend! We needed that after the week we had. I just wish my computer could have died on me BEFORE we left!!!!! Happy Birthday again to my friend!

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