Thursday, January 27, 2011

Short and Sweet!!!

I've decided to take a much needed mental break from biology to put up this post. Yeah..I've been buried in hypothermal vent research for the past two days and writing a report. Thinking my brain could use the rest. And besides, in just a few short minutes I get to head up to my hubby's work and have dinner with him! =)

Our son just got back from a three-day field trip! He went up to Wolf Ridge--an absolutely beautiful place--but I have wondered since our oldest took that trip 10 years ago WHY they would choose to go in the dead of winter???!!! P and I decided because it was probably the cheapest time to go. Either way though it's a great trip and I'm so glad all four of our kids got to go.

Not much going on around here though...just struggling to get through winter into the next fishing season. And let me tell ya, that gets harder everyday!!! But on the bright side at least it's staying lighter out each day...sun set is now at 5:13 or something like that. That's a sign right???

P and I have a nice weekend planned with our friends. Him and I are looking so forward to that, I cannot even tell ya. It helps break up the blahs of winter.

Ohoh--time to go see my hunny now! Have a great day

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