Monday, December 20, 2010


I've found some down time to put up a post before the holidays. I sure didn't think that would happen.

We're having people over for Christmas Eve so our household has been busy with cleaning, baking, and stressing. We haven't hosted a feast here in a number of years for family so we're a little out of practice.

I'm currently on vacation for 2 weeks from school and I don't feel like it's much of a vacation yet! I've been baking cookies--lots of them. I currently have 12 1-gallon bags full of cookies sitting on our dining room table. Why so many? Simple gifts this year. Well, simple in the fact that we didn't have to go from store to store finding just that perfect gift for people...not so simple to make. I've spent about 11 hours today baking, I spent another 8 or so baking with our daughter on Saturday and I'm nearly done. 2-pans left and yay...a day well spent.

Tomorrow is my day to wrap gifts and try to get to the last couple things I need to clean up before Friday. Wednesday is pie baking and a little rearranging of the house so we can fit the nearly 20 people here comfortably and Thursday I'll be making stuffing and all the other little odds and ends to go with our Friday meal.

I can tell you this...I'm already exhausted beyond repair and cannot wait for Christmas Day to arrive when there will be nothing to do but lay around all day and veg out to the tube! We've decided not to make a big meal on Christmas day...instead we'll feast on leftovers and begin the real vacation for all of us. Now THAT sounds heavenly!

What will we do? Who cares! All I care about is spending time with my hubby and kids and doing whatever it may be that we might want to do.....ahhhhhh. Just dreaming of that calgon moment right now....

See you all real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boz said...

Merry Christmas u guys!

Candi said...

HoHoHo! Here's to wishing I get some of those cookies! Merry Christmas!

Louie said...

Have a very Merry Christmas Boz and thanks....congrats on that job btw. One day expect an email from me about that referral place...want some info on that!

And Bean? If I lived closer to you you would have all the cookies you wanted! Cannot believe how many we have! Merry Christmas to all of you as well...wish the holidays would go easy on you all!!!! Hugs an know I'm thinking about you!