Monday, May 24, 2010

One tough week...

Ok, before I completely immerse myself in what looks to be a very stressful block of classes I have to post! I'm going through withdrawal or something!

Last week was such a beautiful week...oh man, the weather was so perfect. I decided that I would put all my homework on hold until Wednesday so I could get some much needed outside work done.

Our boy got me all those hosta plants for mom's day so I needed to get them in the garden. They could no longer live in those restrictive pots and I got this brainstorm idea where the perfect place would veggie garden. Yes, I have had to come to the realization that my veggie garden will no longer exist because our young maples are growing at unbelievable rates creating way too much shade. =(

So I decided I would use that garden to make a perennial garden--smaller and add some grass seed. Oh my goodness, what a chore that turned out to be. Rocks lined this garden all the way around it and in order to make it smaller I needed to rearrange the rocks and measure and plant things just so. From about 10:00 Monday morning until about 5:30 Monday afternoon I weeded, raked, hoed, moved BIG rocks, moved edger, weeded some more, raked some more and finally had things all ready for planting on Tuesday. What I didn't realize was how sunburned my shoulders had gotten until I got in the shower...OMG....By the middle of the night when I could no longer sleep because it hurt so bad, I dozed in and out of a painful consciousness thinking I had blistered....gosh did it hurt!

I awoke Tuesday ready to plant...I had P put some of that great lotion on my back that alleviates the sting of sunburn, threw on my t-shirt and work shorts and began my day again at about 10:30. I had about nine hostas from our son but that just wouldn't do it. I ran to the nursery planning to buy some more and came home with a bleeding heart, a plant to attract hummingbirds that I cannot remember the name of, and a burning bush. No hostas which meant I needed to dig up the reserve I have in our yard and use those. So, that's what I did....I planted all that other stuff first and then went to dig and dig and dig. I came up with 15 more hostas. By this time my body was screaming from the day before but no matter, I had a ton more to do.....

After I got all that planted I had to rake the rest of the 'garden' and lay down some grass seed then I had one other large patch to rake and seed before I could call it quits. By 4:30 when P got home I was sitting on the ground with my rake scraping the other 'grass' spot with barely any energy left. Somehow I managed to get all that done though.

Then I still had other flowers to plant, spider plants to replant and a shower to take. By 6:30pm i was walking in the door just dragging butt. And I must say, that was the best damn shower I've ever taken! I was filthy and sticky and just aching....ahhhhhh.

The next day I vowed to do the very little homework I had remaining and to relax but no way, no how...I pulled out the lawn mower and decided to surprise P and mow part of the 'field' that our yard looked like. We've been so busy around here that neither of us have had the time to mow.....even as recent as yesterday he was thanking me for my help with the's a four hour job to mow and not a very forgiving yard. Hills and trees and hills and and and....

After I mowed the lawn I was absolutely spent and ready to dig into my homework. I managed to finish both classes of homework by Thursday...and it was this day that I went out and got us a new 'kid'. A cute little Kitten we named Stella--after the beer. She is thee most adorable little thing and so much fun. Now I have something to keep me occupied when I take a brief rest from homework and other things.

It took a lot to talk P into getting another little critter but I had a strong argument....rodents! Cats are much more useful than dogs in many ways where we live and are barely ever a burden other than the occasional dead animal or a little vomit....for now, Stella sleeps with us, she plays with our fingers in the middle of the night but spends most of her times sleeping wrapped around my head.

This week, I start two new classes--Philosophy and Algorithms. In looking at my syllabus' it's going to be very busy the next nine weeks.

Soccer is in full swing now, school is almost over, and summer is only just beginning.....oh, did I mention Bass season is only 5 days away???? P and I are going to have one very relaxing weekend and may even attempt to camp along the river..who knows. All I know is we are going absolutely nuts not being able to fish for those bass!!!!!!! Very soon though.

Must get to my homework now...have a great day all!

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