Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it Spring Yet?

Ahhh, Spring break! Freedom! Time for myself finally! I want spring break every week!

I've been slowly recovering from my illness. Not as bad as the first flu I had but still a flu and still miserably annoying and borderline horrible. By the time I have to go back to work next week I should be healthy as a horse--I hope. But then what germs will I encounter! Ugh.

Yesterday I went out and bought our son a tackle box; one of the extra large size. For a boy of 11 he has nearly as much tackle as Pat and I put together. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, that's all he's asked for the last 2-years--fishing stuff. For his birthday a couple weeks ago we got him a fishing lure kit--one that allows him to make his own lures. Pat wrote a bit about it and posted some pics of B's first homemade lures. Gosh I really hope he catches some fish on those, that would really just be special.

We got our boat motor back from the shop last week as well. The guy who fixed it said it's running great and ready for a summer full of fishing. Yes, we are getting overly excited for fishing, kind of hard not to with this balmy weather we've been having the last couple weeks; mid to upper 40's, snow is melting, there's standing water on the top of the ice of the lakes--if only this could be the real deal.

Today I'll head up to have dinner with my husband and take our daughter shopping and then come home to our WeeMan. He'll be spending the night tonight and I'm looking so forward to having him. He's at such a fun age, almost talking, walking everywhere, and goofy as can be. We were supposed to have him last weekend but I was too sick :( and Pat certainly wouldn't be up to taking care of all the little one's needs. LOL

I'm still at a 4.0 GPA in school and hopeful that I can maintain the A's I'm getting in these current classes that end next weekend. I've had to do A LOT of writing since I started at this college. Thousands of words, tons of research, a PowerPoint is due next week, and another 1400-word essay in my ethnic diversity class. I look so forward to getting my generals out of the way, I cannot believe all the word requirements for things.

Anyway, I have to get off my lazy butt and finish up my homework for the week and run some errands. Been a great week and it's still not over......

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