Thursday, January 07, 2010

Quick post

Year is starting with a cold winter blast..holy moly is it cold outside. I shoveled the sidewalk and deck...took all of seven minutes and I got in the house and my toes were numb and my fingers were hurting!

Tonight I finished my homework for the week and am taking a few moments before I head off to be do to do some internet entertainment...facebook, blogging, reading news. All of it brief but a great way to wind down before I go warm up!

The week has flown by and am hoping that this is a prerequisite for the next couple months. Winter is so harsh for us around here...we are complete summer, soccer, tennis, just plain outdoors! Nothing like a nice bonfire with friends and kids on a summer night! Next summer could prove to be a new adventure for me but hey, I'll keep that to myself until I know for sure just how motivated I will be. At this point, I want summer tomorrow!

Ugh, must stop thinking that way for the moment, it is only January!!!!

All are doing wonderful! No news to report. Our second oldest moved out of the house a couple days was a sad feeling to come home for lunch and walk down the hallway and see her empty room....I didn't tell her goodbye that morning because it would make it too real. She was already here visiting tonight, has been keeping in touch with me via text messaging, I know she's probably having a really hard time with this. We all's difficult but we must meld and gel with the things that life will not wait for. Growing, learning, and experiencing. :(

Anyway, I need to get my tooty off to more day of work this week!

Have a wonderful night all and stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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