Friday, January 01, 2010

Live it, Love it, Embrace it! Happy New Year!

Spent a fun night with our two younger kids playing Wii and eating cheese, crackers, sausage, and chips. Wow, curling sure is fun on the Wii but it's a love hate relationship! Pat and I played that until 2:00am and I nearly punched a hole in our couch because I lost by inches on our last round of games! Good grief! Him and I had a lot of fun competing with both the kids and each other.

But today is a new day, a new year. Each year there seems to be some milestone or some event in everyone's life that changes them...ours was our WeeMan. He is going to be a year old in 19 Watching the stages of his development have been so different from watching our own kids.

Another year with my hubby..gawd, and hey, he proposed to me on our 21st anniversary! He even set the renewal day--our 25th wedding, now that was a huge thing! Since I never really got a real formal proposal from him way back when. (just teasing hun) That nearly brought tears to my eyes when he did definitely took me by surprise.

There were many other things in our year that crept up on us or enveloped our emotions..the one year anniversary of my father's death was pretty harsh, a beautiful trip to San Francisco, a most amazing vacation with the kids....ahh, so many ups and downs.

Our second oldest will be moving on soon, heading to school and living closer to the cities. That will leave just Pat, myself and our two younger ones here. Oh how different their lives will be from the two older ones who had to share everything with two younger siblings.

What will come in the first year of the new's anyone's guess but it's how you handle it and deal with it that really matters. One can choose to wallow and pity or one can choose to pick up the pieces and brush off things and find the positive or the humor in new way of living is finding the little things in the negative and making light of them, finding some quirky little thing that makes me smile, making them seem less daunting. I ended 2009 with this attitude and will continue with it. Life is just too short and one never knows what will be 5 minutes from now. Ahhh, life is just good no matter what cards are dealt--no matter how crappy, if there is nothing but crabby, depressed, negative thoughts life will suck!! Enough said!

I really do wish all of our friends and families a most glorious 2010...take the good with the bad and isn't perfect but it is fulfilling!

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