Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We are outta here

The kids are all doing a lot better...fevers are finally gone for all of them, just dealing with the tail end which means, coughs. Maybe our kids were all very lucky but the H1N1 virus is a nagging, fast acting, extremely contagious flu. Fevers were high, we had to take our boy in to ER but overall, it's a flu.

I've had the flu in the past (years and years ago) and was laid up for days and days with it..high fever, body aches, stuffy head, cough, etc. I almost think this flu wasn't nearly as bad, it's just one that action needs to be taken on sooner rather than later. All who had it the past week in our family were into the doc within a couple days ... or more accurately, calls were made. Tamiflu was prescribed for 3 of the 4 infected with it and they are all doing great. Our son did not get the Tamiflu so it's hanging around a bit longer and we dealt with some dehydration and high fevers. My advice, if you find yourself getting sick, a fever of any kind, take action and be on top of the virus. But hey, that's just me, I'm no doctor!

Pat and I are heading out of this place for a couple days....after the last few weeks we've had, a vacation is sounding pretty heavenly...ahhhh.

Hope everyone is doing great....

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