Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great night with some dear friends and our family...

Last night was a night to remember. We decided to have one of our Halloween parties...the whole deal, haunted woods, bonfire, food, treats, friends...holy moly, what a great night it was. Many friends came and helped make this party the most successful one were running out of the woods screaming, witches were getting stuck in trees and tripping while trying to scare, chain saws and firecrackers were going off as the ghoul would jump from the fallen tree about 6 1/2 feet off the ground, camera flashes were being randomly set off as the monster would come from behind....oh so many events were going on in those woods this year. I went through with a first grader though cuz the only way she would go was if there was no noise and no scaring....I was chicken cuz I kind of figured between friends and hubby and family I would have gotten the thanks...hearing the screaming going on back there I figured it was best for me to stay put at the entrance and sending the kids and adults to demons that lurked!

Pat and I are quite sore and exhausted from all the preparation and clean up but it's an accomplished exhausted. This was the third party like this we've had. We don't have them very often because they are so much work!!! But in the end, so very worth it.

The kids have been doing nothing but talking about it all day so I'm thinking if anything, it was a success. We could not have pulled it off without the help of our friends and family though.....THANK YOU to everyone who helped us out, you made this party so worth all the backaches and knee aches!!!

Now it's over, one more week and it's Halloween and then time to hibernate for the winter.....What a depressing thought!

Life is good, family is healthy, friends aplenty....what more could we ask for.

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