Friday, October 09, 2009

SICK, H1N1, SICK, KIDS, UGH!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a hell of a week around here....sickness has been plaguing our home like you wouldn't believe and I am at my wits end with worry, fear and frustration!

The week started with our daughter having a high fever, bad cough, body aches, headache...that led me to call the doc. I sat on hold for 2 hours all told and she was prescribed Tamiflu...for high risk people. She's had asthma and respiratory issues in her that had me freaking out.By Wednesday I was a basket-case but she was actually on the road to a very speedy recovery.

On Thursday, we kept her home one more day just to be sure it was over and so she could get some of her homework caught up; however, our boy woke up with 101.8 fever, just as I was thinking we had all managed to slip past this. He was doing pretty good last night after a day of up and down temps, one at 102...and pretty energetic before he went off to bed.

I woke this morning to him having a fever of 103.8 and very lethargic, weak, and a headache so bad he couldn't even sit up. All he wanted to do was close his eyes and be left alone but he hadn't gone to the bathroom yet, he wasn't drinking for me, he wasn't hungry, nothing....he looked like death...sounds morbid? My feelings were pretty morbid this morning after I was told he more than likely has H1N1 and he should probably go to the ER if his headache didn't subside or his temp didn't come down; this was nearly an hour after I had given him Motrin I should add and the headache wasn't budging, the fever was but very slowly.

So after a couple calls to a friend who's been dealing with sick kids for the past 2 weeks and to Pat and to work, Pat said, 'Bring him in'. On our way out the door, GD4 vomited all the fluids I did manage to get in him ... all I could do was look and think, oh my god, this child is really sick...iv, hospital, as tears stung my eyes.

We got there and the nurse, took his temp, asked him questions, etc..I just have to ask, why is it when you get your kid to the doctor, how come all those symptoms that were there on the drive there are magically gone? GD4 was a totally different kid at the doctor's office...talking, laughing, color coming back to his face and his terrible headache was nearly gone....although by the time we left, it was bad again.

So the nurse gave him an anti-nausea medicine and we waited for him to have to go to the bathroom....about 2 hours later, he did. He was partially dehydrated as my friend suspected, thank you T, but not so much that he required an iv, thank god cuz I think I would have lost it.

As the doc went through the care instructions and what we need to do for all his symptoms, it was at that point our son was verbally diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. While I don't like to say its a confirmed thing, after hearing from GD1's fiance that he was tested and confirmed with this virus, I have to believe that it is in fact true.

Our Wee Man (grandson) is also sick and we're all hoping that he doesn't get much worse.

I just wish to put this week behind us and hope that tomorrow our boy will wake up feeling better than today. And I also really really hope that once he's healthy and B and the baby are better that we will all enjoy the health that we all take for granted!!!!

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