Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can things be any more outrageous?

Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex

I suppose the woman and her daughter could have the privilege of purchasing the townhome and making it their own smoke free environment. I suppose the she could have the privilege of choosing another place to live knowing FULL well the complex was not a smoke free environment. I suppose that perhaps she chose to live here so in the future she could sue someone and make a few extra dollars.

No matter, this woman will now say she is forever disabled because of a smoker. People and their judgments and accusations about smoking get more crap in their lungs walking along a street where cars drive by, but no matter, it's because of us evil smokers that everyone is going to die someday! Holy S*#@!!! But hey, where can I get me one of these masks, would love to have one, they are so stylish...oh, is owning one of these a privilege too??? I better find out.

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