Friday, August 07, 2009

A little rest and relaxation on the horizon

Time once again for our family vacation. We're leaving on Saturday and returning the following. It's been a very interesting summer, the first half packed with soccer and the last half very quiet yet busy.

We're looking forward to the overload on fishing and the overload on quiet. We will only have two kids with us this year so that will be a strange new experience, hasn't been just 4 of us in 14 years...and then it was the two older girls. Amazing how much Pat and I have changed over the years in our parenting. All those things that seemed so dangerous or scary are now things we take in stride.

Our two younger kids are growing up in a different time, with different rules yet still the same. We're much more laid back and less paranoid about this or that....Of course the older two believe that the younger two are just spoiled and get their way...its just so hard to explain the logic behind it all and the only thing I can tell them is when you have more than one child they will know what I mean. They just look at me, roll their eyes and sigh. I now understand why my own siblings think I was spoiled......but they will never understand that I wasn't, just grew up at a different time in my folks parental journey.

Anyway, hopefully nothing significant will happen in this messed up world while we're away. Our older two girls are going to try to come up for a visit which would be great, would love that! Their significant others both love to fish, the wee grandbaby will be with and a day with all of us would be welcome....but if they don't, they don't.

Hope everyone has a great week.....

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