Friday, December 05, 2008

Get the priorities straight

I posted once long ago on how gassy cows and moose contributed to global warming...blah, blah, blah....

So today I'm skimming the headlines at Drudge and found this one, "Proposed fee on smelly cows, hogs angers farmers". After reading the article, it angers me a great deal.

Imposing such a thing on farmers would pretty much dry up many accounts for these hard working people who work harder than the idiots who want to make this happen! The EPA...I'm really growing to hate them as much as PETA!!!!! Sorry, I love the animals, I love the earth but there comes a time in this life where more critical things should be taken care of. After all, the earth isn't going to burn up over night! But people will die from frost bite because they have no job to pay for a home and food and are out on the street in this horribly cold weather that we have here right now!

But there's one thing that's being ignored's the COWS that are causing the problems, these ranchers should be rewarded for taking their lives because in the end, the ranchers are the ones who are helping the environment by eliminating the problem!

How bout elephants? They're a large creature? I would bet they emit a lot of gasses too. Man, this could end up depleting one hell of an animal population in this country! What will they do with all the cows when all the cattle ranchers are bankrupt???? Perhaps letting the cows run free and having to herd them just when it's time for processing will ease the burden on the farmers, at least no one can say they own the animals anymore.

This country is already in an economic crisis with thousands of people out of jobs, companies going belly up and now this??? There are much more pressing needs that need some attention in this country than global friggin' warming! I'm really sorry but people are hungry, people are homeless, people are jobless...can you say morons?

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