Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I demand a ban on animal farts and belches

I'm confused. Isn't it really humans who are ruining the planet? Isn't it the focus of SIG's to protect the animals and their habitat? Doesn't it go against their 'mojo' to contradict themselves by saying that cows farting and defacating and moose farts and belching are a big cause of the ruination of the climate? Or that trees contribute to the carbon dioxide pollution? All the beauty of this planet is actually turning out to be part of the problem?

Face it, not only do the humans and all the inventions and technological discoveries contribute to the 'demise' of this planet....nature plays a big part in it as well. After all, plants and animals are living creatures aren't they?

Hmmm.............very interesting. When will the frogs croaking contribute, or the crickets chirping, or the baby birds peeping for the mama bird to bring it a worm that she wasted some breath on to get out of the ground? Ooops, theres an ant, one of the most active and industrious insects around....HURRY, step on it! It's killing us.

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