Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm just a little curious about this one....

I remember thinking how silly it was for a recount in Florida for the whole Bush/Gore battle back in '04. It really was pointless and I found it to be a last ditch effort of desperation.

So, here I sit reading about something similar occurring in our own state between Franken and Coleman. My thoughts? Well, interested and somewhat curious to see if in fact a recount will result in something different considering the circumstances. Check out these links. One of my readers asked about this run and I really haven't been paying too much attention but this caught my attention today.

Coleman voices concern over changing vote count in tight Senate race

100 more votes for Franken in Mt. Iron Pct. 1

What's most interesting is the wrong date on a machine that 'hey, maybe the battery is bad, or maybe it's due to the time change'....votes pulled off the machine 2 days before ELECTION DAY? Oh, not to mention that EXACTLY 100 votes were due to incorrect reporting and they just happened to be all for Franken? Hmmmmm, read the articles and make your own judgment. Either way, I'm of the mind that it's out of my hands now so whatever happens will be. Just some light reading for those interested.

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