Thursday, November 06, 2008

I can only hope that the choice is going to prove good

So the election is FINALLY over. Obama...hmmm, well, lets just say I'm not all that thrilled with it. However, I'm willing to play the wait and see game. He's the elected one, it's done, it's over. No amount of griping, whining or finding petty reasons to impeach him will make the reality go away. To those Republicans and Conservatives out there who are whining, all I have to say to you is stop acting like the libs and the dems and find ways in which to make this presidency work! Stand up for this country instead of against it!

Hearing some of the things I've heard from the news and various others about his idea to change the Constitution, or to roll our 401K's into social security and other things, well, lets just say the ears and eyes are wide open. Sadly, if a person dares to say anything mean or nasty about him as president you can bet they'll be called racist immediately. It's happening already.

I find it funny that already people are complaining..not Republicans but those who worked for the Obama campaign. They were offered money to work for his campaign and today there was a news story that they aren't getting the money they were promised. Some have even received less than they earned. Wow, now hopefully that fiasco will be rectified but honestly, what a way to start. In the same breath though, did you know that this campaign was thee most expensive in ages costing like $5.3 BILLION dollars???? Isn't this country in economic crisis????? I guess if it were up to me I would have given that money to a better cause than nasty campaign ads and a bunch of signs that will ultimatley be trashed. Perhaps putting that money into things that will help this country out would have been a better plan and proven to all of us Americans that these candidates cared about the future of this country...but who am I, just some hard working peon.

Personally, I don't look at the color of a person...Don't get me wrong, it's a great day in history that I will have witnessed to see the first black president...or should I say, African American. /PC Its about what he will be able to achieve that I am most interested in. I have children who live in a free country...each year I see freedom being ripped away. I want my kids and grandkids to experience life like I did. I do hope that America can be America.

It's over, it's done and for those who think I might just have a crying, whining fit....sorry, ain't gonna happen. This win was expected and frankly, congratulations Obama and all his supporters. It is what it is...sulking and being nasty and vindictive is simply not an option.....He's got a full platter and it will be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how certain things will be handled by both him and the people of this country.

Good luck...better you than me!

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Christy said...

I am at the point of simply praying. I can't change it, can't take the blame for it, since I definately didn't vote for him. I agree though that if people disagree with him, say anything negative about him, will be made into a racist issue and that already disgusts me, considering Bush has been called everything but the "n" word and I'm sure someone's even mutter that nasty word about him.

BTW I've not ever heard the final, did Al Franken win up there?