Saturday, November 29, 2008

Easier to blame others

Only ONE hour after the doors open and a man is dead. Trampled to death by frenzied shoppers. People ignoring it, people getting upset because the doors will be closed, people continuing to storm into the store while paramedics work on the body. What is wrong with this scenario? A man is dead! A life is lost because people just HAVE to be the first to get in on the big deals in the store! And people are just insensitive jerks.

I read through some comments last's Bush's fault, it's Walmarts fault. **roll eyes** It was a Walmart employee who suffered this terrible death at the feet of morons who have no sense of compassion, no sense of patience, no sense of care. Does anyone know that it's the fault of those who trampled this man? Does anyone CARE??????

This poor man and his family. I really do hope that the surrveillance tape proves to find the jerks who so thoughtlessly killed this man. Criminal charges should be brought against jerks like this who are only in tune with their own greedy, selfish desires!

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