Friday, May 16, 2008

HEY, Where's the pot of gold?????????????

So, we went fishing again this evening...and it was done against my better judgement since I left in the middle of taking my final exam for Economics.

It has been the week from hell and I am so mentally exhausted that I just cannot even think anymore! I studied hard this week, got a B in algebra but am afraid to even know what I might get in Economics. But the damage is done..I finished my exam as best as I could but am not feeling like I got the gist of it. But what can I do but try and hope for the best....

So anyway, we went fishing as I said above. Didn't catch anything substantial but this absolutely breathtaking fleeting moment on my cell phone camera.

Beautiful day all day today...sunny, warm and calm. We got to the lake to sit at our posts to catch some lunkers and it started to rain. Not horrible but then it did for awhile and then it didn't. We toughed it out since at the same time it was raining that sun was shining down bright and strong. It was the most unusual weather..rain, sun, calm, wind and rain, lightening but only as certain dark rain clouds passed overhead. There was barely ever a moment when that sun went behind the clouds.

Really, it was more freakish then anything but all the same, we looked up from hiding under our jackets and hoodie sweatshirts to see this sight at one point. And if you look closely, you will see the end of that rainbow..BUT NO POT OF GOLD! LOL

It was so close we could almost touch it. What an amazing thing to see. As the rain started to let up, so began the descent of that rainbow, like it was fading before our eyes yet moving across the lake to the other side. Never in my life have I seen something such as this except in the sprinkler or when I'm washing the vehicle or something. It was truly amazing and well worth not catching more then 3 fish for me.

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