Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

I wanted to put up a quick post before I go take a nap. I cannot tell you where the last couple weeks have gone???? We have been busy every single night for the last 2 weeks and cannot wait for the long weekend to go sit by the lake and fish to our hearts content.

Kids are in soccer now so that means busy time for us. I'm looking very forward to our summer vacation in August....ahhh, relaxation and time away from the things that bring most of us great amounts of stress and frustration. I've been dreaming of our week long trip to the cabin. I just cannot wait to go. All I seem to want to do these days is sit by a lake.

Sadness still lingers deeply within me, tears come and go, anger, confusion,'s all still there and of course it will be for a long time. But there is only one thing I can do...wake each morning and go through the days. Well that's two or more but you get the point.

Not much to report but wanted to put up a quick Memorial Day Tribute to all those soldiers who have sacrificed for this country and for others. All those families who have sacrificed. Listening to the radio this morning, a woman called up the DJ's a little miffed because all the DJ's were talking about was picnics, vacations, camping, etc....she was upset because it seems that the true meaning of our long weekend was lost. BRAVO to this woman for pointing out something that should never be forgotten.

Thank you to all you soldiers and families for what you have done, what you are doing, the risks that you take and the bravery and courage that you emulate. No one can replace those who have been lost but their memories live on in others who knew them, who loved them, and who gave so selflessly so us mediocre civilians could live in peace.

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