Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life goes on

Yep, life does go on doesn't it. It's been over a week now and things are starting to settle. Trying to get back to normal again has been a little rough and forcing myself to just forget has proven to be quite a challenge. But all is good. The sadness still lingers but overall, I know I'll be ok as will everyone around me.

I went back to work on Monday and absolutely HATE my job...I'm back working at the gas station but hey, it's a job right? And I've gone back to classes. Those are actually something I look forward to doing but man, I'm just lost! I've gotten a little behind in my homework and finals are in a couple of weeks so I'm a wreck about that. Eeks....I think when all is said and done though I will come out ok this term. Better then the last one at least.

Soccer has begun. Busy 4 of 5 nights a week with practices and games. But I'm looking forward to watching the kids play. This year I get to see both our son and daughter play, they have games on opposite nights. Yippee!!!!!

Now though, I must go through and find all my Wednesday Hero's that I've missed the last few weeks and get those posted. My apologies to these soldiers and their families for my neglect. Much has been neglected though.

Then I'm going to go find some crazy news stories--or at least try--- and put up a post. Must return to life right?
Thanks you all for all your support throughout the last few weeks. You don't know how much it meant to me or means to me. I'm sure I will post things here and there but am done spilling my guts...I appreciate you all hanging in there.

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