Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Watch out for that hole

I used to enjoy walking trails...WALKING trails. But little by little, speeding bicycalists and roller bladers soon made me wonder if it was really safe for our family anymore. It's bad enough when a crowd of people walking would take up the entire width of the trail and leave very little room for another to walk past them...many times I recall actually having to stop to let groups go by.

Kind of like walking through a grocery aisle....people who are in an in-depth conversation tend to ignore that there are others walking the other way or that there are others behind them. I'm quite impatient with groups of people who think they 'own the place'.

Add the speed of a man/woman on wheels, well, one wrong step, a toddler zigzagging and that's all she wrote. So walking trails that were paved became a thing of the past and we now enjoy narrow, rugged, less populated territory. At least there, we know that the only thing that would hurt us is a root sticking out of the ground or a large rock covered with leaves, or a tree branch that we don't notice until we look up from watching our step whacking us in the eye.

I kind of think this is funny what this man did and can completely see why he did it. Of course I don't think it's very wise or even ok...just a little funny is all.

Although the article says its a bicycle trail, are walkers banned from enjoying a trail that they more then likely pay taxes on? Wheels belong on the road, feet belong on the trail...that's my take anyway.

Hole revenge man charged

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