Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Should he be tried as an adult

What a horrible situation. While this boy is only 12-years old, the act that he committed is very disturbing. And from what this story says, all because a baby was crying and it irritated that boy enough to pull out a wooden baseball bat and beat her with it.

The obvious question is why? Maybe for me it's easy to handle the crying of a baby or a toddler; I took care of them for 12+ years, it's easy for me to sit here and question this...but what's most troubling is his actions. He is just a boy...Would this boy grow up and turn into one of those men that abuses his baby? Would he turn into a criminal?

Should he be committed for life? Is rehabilitation something that would help him? So many other questions loom but this is really sad.

Prosecutors deciding if boy accused in beating death should be tried as adult

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