Saturday, January 05, 2008

Torch this man with a hair dryer, see how he likes it

What I said when I read the second paragraph of this article caused my daughter to say...."MOM!!!!"
The 17-month-old boy had second-degree burns on his genitals, back, chest and head after Darlanne Toussaint, 24, used a blow dryer to burn him until the skin started to peel off, according to Apopka police documents. The child remains in stable condition at Florida Hospital South.
I'm reading a book I have mentioned a few times on this blog called "A Death In White Bear Lake", a disturbing TRUE story of a woman who adopted 2 little boys. One of them, Dennis Jurgens, age 3 died of various causes, I'm not that far into the story, have read it before but years and years ago. Numerous bruises on his body, numerous bruises to his head, a tear around his genital region....horrible tale. The woman, Lois Jurgens, was not investigated thoroughly until 20 years later. This incident occurred in the mid to late 60's.

Seeing this article...good God, how can anyone do such things to a baby!!!!!!

Man arrested after allegedly burning toddler with blow dryer

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