Saturday, January 05, 2008

This is called a Zoo?

The culture of the Chinese is one that I will forever despise and be in complete and utter confusion about.

Browsing around I happened upon an article that I found deeply disturbing and have much to say about but will refrain since none of it is very nice! But I do have to say this....what is worse, that people actually enjoy this, or that the lions look so emaciated that it's no wonder they attack with such vengeance, or is it that children feed and pet these lambs and then watch as they are .... Disgusting!!!! Why isn't PETA over there screaming about this? Oh, and their menus????

While reading about this, I thought of one of my frequent visitors to my blog and someone who has become a great friend....that would be you this and leave your words in my comment section. I'm sure this will disturb you as much as it did myself.

I find it completely cruel to animals, completely cruel to children and completely off the wall. While I don't think all cultures should be like the Americans, well...I've griped enough.

Read for yourselves.....

Animals torn to pieces by lions in front of baying crowds: the spectator sport China DOESN'T want you to see

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