Thursday, September 13, 2007

What is American?

OH BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

North Carolina is still in America right? I just want to clarify that it is in fact an American state. Perhaps it's too difficult for people these days to determine which things should be supported and which things should not. Perhaps there's just simply too many restrictions and politically correct philosophies out in the world skewing the real things in life.

I know I'm a couple days late with this post, but I haven't had much time for the news these days. The restrictions of children in the schools wearing patriotic clothing is really getting out of hand in what I once thought was 'America'.

Our daughter wore her fatigues to school on 9/11 in honor of the soldiers and instead of being told to leave the building and suspended for the rest of her senior year, an actual authority figure walked up to her, grabbed her hand, thanked her for her service profusely and kissed the top of her hand! Thankfully, her school isn't as strict or as anal as some but you can bet that if it ever gets to that point I will raise some hell!

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